To my husband, the greatest dad…

To my husband, the greatest dad.

In your honor, this Father’s Day, I’ll reflect on a few of my favorite memories of you with our girls.

I’m lucky enough to have had the honor of watching you become a father; a roll that you stepped into so effortlessly. When both girls were born you had a look on your face that I could only describe as proud. It was a smile that you couldn’t seem to wipe of, even if you wanted to.

I think everyone in this house know how much you love your sleep…like more than the average human. You can literally fall asleep anywhere, even if you just drank a pot of coffee. Lola loves to wake you up, preferably by tickling your feet. My favorite is when you pretend you’re asleep because you know how much joy it brings her to “get your tickles” and wake you up.

You and Piper have a bond that you and Lola didn’t have when she was a baby. Maybe it’s the fact that she’s your second so you’re more comfortable, you two love each other-it makes me melt. Today, you and the girls were sitting on our bed. Nothing crazy was happening, you three were just being; sitting in love, light, and happiness. These simple memories, they are by favorite.

Even though you never want gifts, I hope you enjoy your unique JORD watch, we think it’s perfect for you. You are a spectacular father to our girls. You always provide. You always give off love. You are always supportive. Happy Father’s Day, my love.

I’ve teamed up with JORD watches this Father’s Day; I’m doing a $100 giveaway. These wooden watches are timeless! It’s super simple to enter, click the link, and answer those few questions!

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  1. Gillian, I so loved reading this beautiful tribute to Shawn. How wonderful that he has learned the exquisite joy of simply “being” in the moment with his family–priceless!

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